Friday mystery teeth

I’ve spent most of this afternoon at the NW Flower and Garden Show.  During my visit, I snapped a photo of this toothy plant part:

So the questions for today are….

What is this plant part?
What plant did it come from?
(And if you know its scientific name, that actually answers both questions at once.)

My husband is convinced this is too small a part of the plant for anyone to figure out the answesr.  I’m sure someone will prove him wrong!

Answer and a larger photo on Monday.

10 thoughts on “Friday mystery teeth”

  1. Boy, that’s a tough one! Is it a pitcher plant? The pigmentation looks like it, and the line of teeth might qualify. Don’t know the botanical name, though.

  2. Or maybe the husk of a chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum or carnea)? Or a beechnut husk (Fagus spp.)? Now this is going to bug me until Monday!

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