Founding GP under fire… for doing her job.

Susan Harris over at Garden Rant has done a terrific write up of all the details, so I’ll be brief here: Linda Chalker-Scott, the founder and fearless leader of The Garden Professors, is facing possible termination from her job at Washington State because she’s doing exactly what it says in her job description — extension, providing gardening information to the public — instead of bringing in big research grants. Universities love grants because they means money, and educating the public doesn’t. And money, more often than not, trumps little details like actual job descriptions and the educational missions of public land-grant universities.

Again, for the all the details, please see the Garden Rant post, including info on how to help stop this from happening.


5 thoughts on “Founding GP under fire… for doing her job.”

  1. We lost extension work from colleges a long time ago for gardeners in the UK
    So sorry your great country is following our example.Linda does great work on your blog

  2. I just came across this news from late last year while retrieving some of LCS’s info for an upcoming presentation. How did this turn out? Did WSU actually succeed in ridding itself of one of its finest assets? Have I missed a posting covering the rest of the story?

    1. Still up in the air. Review underway, but no decision yet. Linda has been putting updates in our facebook group, and we’ll post here when we get concrete news.

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