Cat tongue?

Well, maybe it’s not a cat tongue (no way my cats would put up with this), but what is it?  Name both the plant and the function of this tissue for full credit!

Answer and more photos on Monday – have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Cat tongue?”

  1. My first thought is carnivorous plant. The downward pointing hairs will keep insects from climbing up. But the picture makes it look like an OUTSIDE part so maybe it’s to help shed water.

    Not sure what the plant is but those are my guesses to the function of the hairs. Can’t wait till Monday to get the answer to this one!

  2. OK after looking the carnivores over and feeding them slugs… (a satisfying way to get rid of them) I now think it is a Sarracenia, not a Nepenthes.

  3. Looks really weird..
    But it is not a cats tongue..but may be some type of carnivorous plants found in amazon forests.

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