Blue orchids?

I was at a big box home improvement store yesterday, and after doing my legitimate business I felt myself drawn to the garden center.  I smirked at the “drought tolerant cactus gardens” that had died from lack of water and the ever-popular GMO “cactus strawflower” (GMO = glue modified organism as illustrated in my January 13, 2010 post).  Then I spotted my prey du jour: a blue orchid!

A disclaimer on the tag warns that new blooms will be white:

Oh, and the source of the magic?  Check out the needle track and its gooey exudate:

Just say no to dye!

5 thoughts on “Blue orchids?”

  1. LOL That’s an old trick. As kids, we used to turn daffodils many different colors by putting the stem of the cut flower in water with food coloring. Same principle, modern twist. Brings back memories!

  2. The only thing worse are the blue and purple poinsettias that we get sent at Christmas time. They are sprayed and glittered and are truly tacky. i’m a big box gardenlady.

  3. Ah Chain Store Marketing Gimics. Gotta admire their creativity for making another Buck. I agree with Sam on the Dead Cactus. Overwatering and root rot has been my experience. When I outplant in Southern California in Habitat restoration I never water. Well months later winter rains do come.

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