A holiday gift idea

In deference to the holiday season, I’ll step down temporarily from my soapbox and mention a great holiday gift idea for your favorite gardener.

I saw this sedum stump a few years ago when I was speaking to a Master Gardener group in British Columbia.  The porous nature of the stump would make it easy for the roots of the sedums and other rock-garden types of plants to establish. And the stump could be easily moved to wherever the recipient desired.

This isn’t just a warm climate idea, either.  There are a number of sedum species that are cold hardy and as long as the stump was well protected in the winter, the roots would be fine.

5 thoughts on “A holiday gift idea”

  1. I have overwintered several sedum varities in hypertufa, this should be similar. I will probably try this with a stump in my yard, thanks!

  2. Very neat idea, I like it. I have some box elder stumps that are already hollowed out in the middle – a perfect cavity for something like this.

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